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Ready for Easter with White Rabbit England

Easter is only just round the corner, and to celebrate it this year, we have a special display in our little shop window. From yummy chocolates to decorative easter eggs, we have some real treasures in stock for you. As part of this, we have the pleasure to showcase award winning White Rabbit England. Each lamp is handmade and fabulous in design, quality and workmanship. They are simply adorable!

This bunny rabbit lamp you just have to love! Little ones and rabbit lovers alike will love to switch him on at night for a reassuring glow. Bedtime routines can be difficult and by switching a little night light on can become the beginning of bedtime as tiny tots are tucked in and settle down. Each lamp gives off a comforting glow and can be left on all night if necessary.

With a selection of designs available in our shop, there is a lamp for every type of animal lover!



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