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We have a stunning of fresh flowers at our lifestly boutique. We have a beautiful collection whereby we can create something unique to your style, colour or price. Any stem or bouquet is beautifully wrapped - and we ever sell the gift tags and cards too. Perfect!

Contact us by telephone to discuss your flower order , or simply pop in.

Below is a handly A-Z list of flowers you can come across in May time:

Acacia (Mimosa) - Tiny little petal-less flowers of yellow which cover the stems. Bupleurum –a subtle yellow green flower. Popularly used as foliage. Calla Lily – One of our favourites! It is a single flower which comes in a variety of colours (but note: not every colour is available all year rounds). Delphinium – These are ever so pretty and very tall flower spikes. Also, Larkspur which is a type of delphinium. Eupatorium – Insignificant small flowers, and often used as a filler Forget-me-not (Myosotis) – Teeny tiny and very fragile pastel blue flowers on short stems. Gerbera – Pretty as a daisy. These are large daisy like flowers. Hydrangea – A popular and very beautiful garden shrub with enormous flowerheads. Lily – Available throughout the year, Lily of the Valley (Convallaria) – Small bell shaped flowers on short stems. These are very popular as bridal flowers. Lisianthus - These are unusual and very pretty flowers. They open from swirling bud. Our favuourite is a deep purple colouring. Phlox – This is an English country garden flower. Sunflower - Gorgeous and bright yellow large daisy like flowers.

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